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Scam Casinos

Scam Casinos

The iGaming industry faces rising momentum, and various online gambling sites pop up on the surface attracting new players. You should be aware that many casino sites lurk for inattentive players to steal money, personal information and similar details among all legitimate online casinos. Put security at the top of your priority list because such online casino scams, after wasting your money, often create a sense of uncertainty about online gambling in the future.

A gambling site can be a great destination to relax and earn extra money on the side. But, when it comes to online banking, scams are one of the biggest worries. Many online casino scams are phishing-based – hooking players with fake offers to enter their bank account, ID details or deposit money on scam sites.

These online casino scam situations can be dangerous, so you should know how to stay safe while gambling online and avoid such scenarios. Today’s blog post will give you wealth-worthy tips and tricks about recognizing scam casino sites, how the frauds occur and how to prevent them.

Prepare for the long run; we start immediately with this complete guide.

Online Casino Scams

How Does Online Gambling Fraud Happen

Fraud in the online casino industry occurs when an operator fails to detect that someone (player or affiliate) is lying about their identity. Some methods are used for it, including account takeovers, bonus abuses, carding, phishing, etc.

We will see specific online casino scams in the following section, but here we will explain some specific examples for a better understanding of online gambling scams.

Fraudsters can take advantage of bonus offers by opening multiple accounts on the Internet. They could use a stolen credit card or another ID to make a deposit, for example, claim bonuses, and then disappear forever. When fraudsters make money, they will abuse it and leave.

However, such scams may include even everyday active players, like the “beat the bookie” strategy, which is illegal in sports betting. Usually, playing against the rules is betting on an already arranged match, knowing the match’s final score up front. Fraudsters prefer this to make an extra profit as long as they can until they are deceived and lose money. Such scenarios usually happen in real money online casinos, so keep that in mind.

Top 5 Casino Scams Online

Imagine an online gambling world where all the players have a great time and enjoy the benefits of trustworthy casinos. It sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, that’s the case because there are more and more rigged casinos each day, and you should be careful about it.

Let’s see the most common online gambling scams you must be aware of and mark them with warning signs:

1. Identity Theft

Identity theft is a scam common in all industries, not just in iGaming. This fraud occurs when players fill out registration forms on scam casino platforms. Usually, players are required to leave their personal information like name and surname, ID number, city and country of living, date of birth, etc.

Fraudsters steal this data for malicious purposes and abuse it to make a profit illegally. Identity theft existed before the Internet in many forms, but unfortunately, it happens in the online gambling industry nowadays. Make sure that safe gambling is a priority at your favourite casino, and always pay close attention to it.

2. Deposit Theft

As the name suggests, deposit theft is an online casino scam for stealing your deposits. First-time deposits and no deposits bonuses are primarily the focus when it comes to stealing the entry money. Keep in mind that the relationship between the scam players and the fake online casinos will be short. These casinos will probably disappear once they have the money, so it’s more like a mugging.

Many scam online casinos try to hook the players and get as much money as possible from them. A good practice is always to check the trustworthiness of the sites and look for a licence issued by high gaming authorities in the industry.

Online Casino Bonus Scam

3. Online Casino Bonuses Scam

All online casinos, no matter if they are legitimate or scams, offer welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses to all players. In order to access these bonuses, you must play with a specified amount of money and deposit the minimum required amount.

Legitimate deposit bonuses stand out because they benefit players and are virtually impossible to resist. To earn a bonus from a legitimate online casino, you may need to gamble x30 of your initial deposit (also known as “rollover”). The scammers offer unbelievable bonuses and force you to bet more considerable sums to get your money and disappear.

3. Hacking and Cyber-attacks

Maybe this scam, initially, doesn’t belong to the iGaming industry, but hackers often use online gambling sites to steal players’ financial data and take their money. Attackers use malicious software automatically installed on the victim’s computer after a specific action.

For example, players can step into a scam online casino and enter sensitive data to register. At the same time, they download malware in the background used by the hackers for spying and taking control of the system. That’s how your financial data can end up in the wrong hands and damage your bank account. Before entering any information, choose trustworthy online casinos and avoid bad situations like this.

This is just an example of basic hacker attacks, so if you notice any strange transaction, go to your bank and ask for a bank statement.

4. Rigged Casino Games

There is no hiding place for these casino scams. Many rigged games have fake RTP rates and never-given free spins or in-game bonuses.

To avoid such situations, always read the casino terms and conditions. Also, check the software providers and look for the most prominent ones in the iGaming industry, such as Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, etc.

How to Stay Safe While Gambling Online

To stay safe and have fun while gambling online, you should choose the best Canadian online casinos and create an account there. It’s so easy to say it, right? Knowing how to recognize online casino scams and avoid being scammed is the main point here. Hence, here is some advice for a better gambling experience:

1. Look For a Valid Licence

Licensing from prominent gaming authorities is crucial for casino safety. Do not prefer to play at a casino site without a correctly shown licence from a central gaming authority. Here are some concrete examples of it:

Malta Gaming Authority: There are many benefits associated with the Malta Gaming Authority licence – a standard premium authority in the online gaming industry. If you see a Malta Gaming Authority licence displayed on an online casino site, you can feel free to place your bets there and start gambling.
UK Gambling Commission: When an online casino has a licence issued by the UK Gambling Commission, you know you’ll play at a safe and fair site. In addition to preventing illegal activities, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission also prevents money laundering and makes payments more secure than usual.
Kahnawake Gaming Commission: This gaming commission is another essential governing body in the iGaming industry. Kahnawake Gaming Commission ensures fair treatment of players, swift payment of winnings, and responsible and fair gaming. A casino licence from this gaming authority means a safe and reliable gambling environment for every gambling enthusiast.
Curacao Gaming Licence: Obtaining a Curacao casino licence is much easier than obtaining the above-mentioned licences. This licence is granted by the Curacao Gaming Control Board and provides a safe and careless user experience. Online casino scams are impossible when casinos operate under the Curacao gambling rules, so feel free to jump right into it and compete for big wins.

These gaming authorities are a good sign that your chosen online casino is a safe and reliable platform for online gambling. Under a similar licence, online casino scams cannot occur because everything is under the control of prominent organizations intended for players’ safety and protection in the iGaming industry.

2. Do Research Before Making a Deposit

In order to avoid scams, it is essential to do your research before playing at an online casino. The Internet is full of notorious gambling operators, so it is recommended to do your research before depositing any money. Fortunately, finding information about reputable websites with short research, including responsible gambling politics, is easy.

Potential players shouldn’t be concerned about casinos hiding information from them because research can be conducted in the following areas:

Terms and Conditions
Licensing information
Player complaints

Before accepting any exclusive bonuses and making a deposit, read the restrictions. Unless you meet high rollover requirements, your funds may be locked up. Also, players must keep an eye on longer payout times than usual. What about the case where you usually receive your payouts within three days but wait for two weeks and still haven’t received anything? If the casino cannot pay its players, it may be a warning sign, so don’t make a deposit there.

During the withdrawal process, beware of casinos that bombard you with bonus offers. To avoid paying out, casinos use this tactic to tie up player funds for longer. To meet the rollover requirement, gambling sites are counting on you running out of money. Always look for the best payout online casinos to prevent such bad scenarios.

3. Avoid Suspicious and Unreal Offers

Casino scams online are most common regarding fake casino offers and free treats for the players. A gambling site can’t give away free money without any requirements attached. In such a case, the casino would not be able to stay in business for a long time and collapse financially. Rollover requirements are often linked to signup bonuses, so players should be cautious of extras requiring multiple deposits.

The most common example is welcome bonuses, where you can claim thousands of free casino credits just for signing up. There are usually several bonuses bundled togetherin these offers, requiring a significant minimum deposit amount. Safe online casinos are one of the best ways to avoid scams, so don’t rush for good-to-be-true offers, even if they sound unbelievable. Maybe it is only a hook for inexperienced players and online gambling scams that will ruin your casino experience for a lifetime.

Avoid Fake Offers

4. Look For Reliable Payment Methods

Many online casinos may offer you incredible matchup bonuses and games. Still, would you sign up if they didn’t offer you fast and secure payment methods? Set your red flags here because if you are afraid to enter your banking details to withdraw money from your favourite games, you have a big problem.

Online casinos should provide a variety of payment methods for customers and prove the implementation of modern encryption practices for transactions. The following list comes up with the most reliable banking methods that are safe and trusted among users for making your first deposit or withdrawing money:

Visa and Mastercard
American Express
Much Better
Apple Pay

If you prefer crypto payments methods for your online activities, you should consider the following cryptocurrencies with specific wallets:

Shiba Inu

Always look for some of these payment options on a specific online gambling site to start withdrawing and depositing your funds without any worries.

Conclusion of Online Casino Scams – Don’t Be a Fall Victim and Choose Safe iGaming Operators

Knowing how to recognize a safe and trustworthy online casino provider can be challenging for new players because scammers are constantly looking to take advantage of it with various frauds. To avoid being a victim of the tricky casino scams online, put our tips into practice and be aware of all the things we mentioned.

When choosing a casino online, remember to read the casino’s terms and privacy policy or local laws from the country where the casino operates. To gain access, players must enter their contact details and personal information. So, be aware that it may be a phishing attempt from hackers to steal your data. That’s why you should enter your data only on gambling sites working under a licence from a central gaming authority, like MGA, UKGC, KGC, etc.

Moreover, new customers should look for sites with real casino bonuses and promotions with transparent claims conditions. Also, fast and secure payment methods are an obvious sign of a well-maintained platform and a library full of the best casino games. Whatever choice you make, continue playing only on prominent online gambling operators to avoid headaches and bad experiences during your gambling journey.


Well, fake sport betting sites can show fake odds and quotes, so the bettors will also waste their money and time. Look for quality and popular sportsbooks to prevent being scammed this way.

When choosing an online casino, look for a licence issued by a central gaming authority. Also, check the safety of the payment methods and the wagering requirements for bonuses and promotions. If you can give a check to all of them, jump into it and place your bets.

Phishing scams attract players to leave their personal and financial information on a fake site. The fraudsters then collect their data and abuse it online to make some profit and steal their money.

There is no specific game you should avoid to prevent online gambling scams, but people usually get scammed playing online slots with fake RTPs. Blackjack is another casino game used by scammers to steal money from players.

Author: Kyle Hall